Our Team

Meet Olive Wilson, a fervent fruit enthusiast whose life has been deeply entwined with the natural sweetness and vibrant diversity of fruits from a very young age. Growing up in a family that cherished the earth and its bounty, Olive found her passion nestled among the fruit trees of her family’s lush garden. It was in this natural playground where she learned the cycles of growth and harvest, the care needed for each plant, and the joy of sharing nature’s gifts with others.

Olive’s journey with fruits expanded as she delved into the culinary world, exploring the art of transforming simple fruits into delightful culinary creations. However, her curiosity wasn’t limited to the kitchen. She embarked on a self-guided exploration into the nutritional and health benefits of fruits, driven by a belief in the healing power of natural foods. Olive’s approach is grounded in practical knowledge, enriched by years of hands-on experience and continuous learning. She has dedicated herself to understanding not just the science of fruits but their cultural significance and seasonal rhythms.

Though not a doctor, Olive has become a trusted figure in the fruit community, known for her approachable advice and innovative solutions to common fruit-related problems. She believes that knowledge about fruits should be accessible and enjoyable, much like the fruits themselves. Olive has a unique talent for simplifying complex information into fun, easy-to-understand concepts that resonate with people of all ages. Whether it’s selecting the right fruit tree for your climate, discovering natural remedies for plant diseases, or finding the perfect fruit pairing for your next meal, Olive offers a wealth of knowledge.

Olive’s expertise extends beyond cultivation and recipes; she is passionate about educating others on the environmental impact of fruit production and the importance of sustainable practices. Her guidance inspires individuals to make informed choices that benefit both their health and the planet.

For those interested in deepening their fruit knowledge, exploring new flavors, or embarking on a fruit-growing adventure, Olive Wilson is a beacon of wisdom and inspiration. She has a knack for addressing the unique challenges faced by fruit enthusiasts, offering practical solutions and creative ideas to enhance their fruit experience. Through her shared insights and stories, Olive encourages a deeper appreciation for the natural world and its delicious offerings.

Email: olive@fruitoftheunion.com